About Me

“Develop Your Dreams And You Create Passion… Develop The Dreams Of Others And You Create Heaven”
Life Coach Office: +1(513) 275-7207 Monday-Saturday 8AM-5PM EST(-5)

I could be one of the most unique personal life coaches available anywhere in the world, and will show you literally, how to get your life back.  Whether it is setting and achieving your life’s goals, losing weight in a safe and natural way, simplified nutritional guidance, or achieving wellness with simple and effective yoga and meditation exercises, I can and will help you.


I do offer a complete “no questions asked” guarantee, but not just a money back guarantee, a “results” guarantee!

As a very happily married father of 2 adult children, and a grandfather of 5, I am making a change in my career.  I started my education back in the 1970’s.  As a licensed nurse for the US Army Reserves and private industry, I worked my way through college, attending San Diego State University.  For 4 and a half years, I studied Chemistry with an ’emphasis’ in Biochemistry, with advanced coursework in nutrition, genetics, human physiology, organic chemistry, and much, much more.  I did advanced research there for a time under reknowwned Biochemist Dr Stephen Dahms and his research with food dyes effects on blood cells and other physiology.

Over the past 4 decades, I’ve studied the vital role good nutrition and ‘reputable’ (quality) vitamins, mineral and herbal supplements play in human health, and consider myself an expert.

I do practice everything I preach, and would love to share my findings with you. Call my office free, for a consultation +1(513) 275-7207 Monday-Saturday 8AM-5PM EST(-5)

The field of health and wellness is constantly evolving, and is where I excel. My daily yoga routine and meditation practice has been an essential part of my health, and forms part of the core in my life coaching business. Learning the basics of yoga and meditation will change your life forever.

When the mind, body, and soul are properly nurtured and developed, one’s full genetic potential can and only then, be fully realized.
I recently decided to come out of early retirement after a 12 year journey of self-discovery.  A plaque on my home office wall reads:

PURPOSE: “Develop Your Dreams And You Create Passion…
Develop The Dreams of Others And You Create Heaven.”

and it was that message driving my desire to be a life coach.

Here’s to YOUR health, wealth, and happiness!
Stephen Jones
Cincinnati, OHIO  call me for a free consultation: +1 (513) 275-7207

PS:  The new website: www.howtogetmylifeback.com is coming very soon (very similar to this blog) as well as my intial plan for 3 videos.  I am self-producing these, so I can keep the cost low.  Each one will allow you to literally GET YOUR LIFE BACK.  I bet you didn’t know you didn’t have your life to begin with, but I thought the same thing, years ago.  Please stay tuned.


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