Foods and Your Nutrition

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There has been much written about a relatively new sweetener made from the Stevia (the isolated compound is commonly known as RebA, Rebiana, etc.) plant, which I believe “IS” an excellent alternative choice,  yet the manufacturers I have seen are blending it with 2 different additional compounds (for the most part). One blend contains erythritol (a sugar alcohol) and the other blend contains dextrose (another simple monosaccharide, folks).

Which one should you choose?

The answer I am going to offer, isn’t dependent on your state of health. Whether you’ve been a full blown Type I diabetic since childhood, an overweight, overworked 30’s-something executive or manager having been diagnosed with “pre-diabetes,” or you are a healthy man or woman of any age, my analysis is consistently the same.

This is what I think:

If you “must” ( disclaimer: my best recommendation is: try to eat most all foods in their unsweetened, natural state; your taste buds will love you now, and years later! ) … if you must add a sweetener to your coffee, tea, baked goods, or whatever you like sweetened, READ the labels and then choose the Stevia blend containing erythritol and NOT the product that containing dextrose.


The short answer borne out by most all the research to date, is that erythritol is relatively safe.  It is very slowly  absorbed by the intestines, “burns” up at only 0.2 kcal per gram (very low!), is also low on the glycemic index.  Erythritol is simply excreted later by the kidneys.  Stevia blended with erythritol (when consumed daily in moderation of course!), will probably not give you any gas or other digestive ‘rumblings.’  Excessively used, you may have some mild loose bowel movement, and may even experience diarrhea.  Is that a small price to pay for stable blood sugar level?  I tend to think so.  Pre-diabetics (millions in and around our industrialized societies) and Type I and Type II diabetes “should” be rejoicing about this natural, safe sweetener.

Dextrose on the other hand, is simply another type of sugar, has a relatively high glycemic index, and although it is metabolized slower than glucose, dextrose is but another simple sugar, also a monosaccharide, and is a simple carbohydrate.  The general rule for all of us, REMEMBER, should be to try to ‘stick’ with complex carbohydrates in your everyday diet.  Plan to make that simple change, and you will be on the path to better health and wellness.

Some of the Stevia blended sweeteners list dextrose as the first ingredient. Remember that all US FDA approved ingredient labels list that food’s ingredients in the order of most to least (most –> least) by weight.

Carbohydrates are NOT bad at all, especially complex carbohydrates, unless we daily “overdose” ourselves with them (as in the typical Americanized diet in which we ‘abuse’ both simple and complex carbs. !!).

What is being taught in our schools?

In short, the less that we “over-tax” our pancreas, particularly the pancreatic “Islets of Langerhans” (see: ) that secret that vital hormone insulin in response to the body’s elevated blood glucose levels, the healthier we are AND the healthier we will be as we age.

Here is a wonderful and simple explanation of sugar (the monosaccharides) types:


I personally enjoy a bit of Stevia blended with erythritol.   (BRAND NAMES ARE NOT DISCUSSED FOR OBVIOUS REASONS)

Many coffees and teas exhibit oxidative properties, and are quite good for you.  “All in moderation” is a wonderful theme to follow.

Be healthy with education and choice!  

… and please don’t forget to get your medical doctor’s opinion, ok?

Peace, love, and happiness!

~Stephen Jones

“Develop Your Dreams And You Create Passion… Develop The Dreams Of Others And You Create Heaven”
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