“Develop Your Dreams And You Create Passion… Develop The Dreams Of Others And You Create Heaven”

It was with those thoughts and visions that I had recently decided to become a Life Coach.

Not a business coach, not an executive coach, and not necessarily an exercise coach (w/yoga – exercise is an integral asset I teach), but a health, fitness, and wellness coach. That is my specialty.  Just as all medical doctors are not “equally created”… all life coaches are not the same.

Some excellent life coaches specialize in psychological counseling, while other great life coaches specialize in fitness or body building.

I specialize in optimizing your mind, your body, and your spirit through organic foods and organic, natural herbal supplementation, yoga, physical conditioning, mindful meditation, and a little known type of goal-setting. I do think you’ll be pleased with your transformation after your first week, one month through you will began to feel changes you could never imagine, and in six months; you will have learned how to get your life back.

TOOLS: we partnered with Inside-Tracker, to assist you tracking 30 bio markers:

Glucose •
Cholesterol •
Triglycerides •
Calcium •
Vitamin D •
Magnesium •
Folic Acid •
Vitamin B12 •
Potassium •
Sodium •
Zinc •
C-reactive Protein •
White Blood Cell Count •
Creatine Kinase •
Total Testosterone •
Free Testosterone •
Cortisol •
Albumin •
Hemoglobin •
Ferritin •
Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC) •
Unsaturated Iron Binding Capacity (UIBC) •
Iron •
Transferrin Saturation •

TEN percent [%]reduction for every client!

Perhaps the most rewarding thing any of us can do, is take responsibility for our own health, wealth, and happiness.

Our personal doctor is not responsible for our health.  Each one of us is!

Each of us is also responsible for our own wealth and our own happiness.

Your doctor’s mission is to heal your sickness or injury.  Medical doctors are not trained and don’t have the time if they were trained, to “make” you healthy. Of course, they do try to help.  Medical schools teach their students to diagnose and heal hundred-thousands of illnesses and to effectively treat a nearly limitless range of injuries.  I do insist that you have a personal relationship with a licensed, board certified Medical Doctor, licensed Naturopathic, or certified Holistic Physician.  Unless you are one, of course.

Success is often defined and “measured” by a happy marriage, a happy relationship with a life partner, and jointly defined by an “abundance” of good, trusted friends.

Some other questions we may (the choice is yours) explore:

  • Are you satisfied with your personal relationships up to now?
  • Where do you want to be a year from now?  What about 2 years from now, and 5 years from now?
  • The most important question I will ask you:  “Where do you want to be in week?” as well as “Where do you want to be in 30 days?”

Every human being deserves a life fulfilled by peace, good health, harmony, and happiness.

With some basic guidance, along with your attention and regular practice, a happy, successful, and harmonious life IS yours for the taking! 

You can easily learn: “How To Get My Life Back?”

The next step is yoursI am here to help, and so is this blog.

Also, I have developed an additional, private  twitter account:


and our NEW Facebook page:


I am looking forward to working with you on the next part of your life’s journey.

Be well by education and choice,

Stephen Jones, Life Coach

Office phone: +1(513) 275-7207 

Monday thru Saturday 10:30AM6:00PM EST(-5 GMT) —


“Coming” soon:  http://www.howtogetmylifeback.com

or fill out this short form, and I will respond within hours, but probably a day or 2:


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